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WooRides has been a labor of love. Anyone who has been involved in any capacity has literally put in sweat, tears, and maybe even some blood. One thing that is ever constant is change - and our worker owners have begun journeys of a lifetime, that lead them away from the pedicabbin' in Worcester. That being said, we are looking to sell our beautiful steel horses; two are currently for sale (blue and green). Get in touch if your are interested in putting smiles on peoples faces!


An alternative to carbon emitting vehicles is human powered transportation.


Able to connect through mobile, website, and social media.


An amazing experience for families, party goers, and professionals alike.

About WooRides

WooRides is a low-carbon emission vehicle fleet, offering electric, hybrid, and people-powered transportation services and products, serving Worcester’s  residents, families, workers, and youth. We are concerned for our ecology, of which humans are a part, and believe that greening our transportation is key to creating a resilient community. That is why we believe in using sustainable transportation technologies. As a worker-owner cooperative, workers will benefit from consistency and stabilization, & opportunities in ownership and decision-making. We envision alternative futures rooted in sustainable transportation technologies, equitable cities, and small business enterprise. We guide our work via a lens of fun, environmental sustainability, affordability, accessibility, and community engagement. Whether to plan an event, enjoy nightlife, or promote and market your business, we are here for you!


Wesam Al- Salman

Wesam Al- Salman

"Fantastic idea and under supervision of honest and professional ppl."

Norma Iris

Norma Iris

"My driver was very friendly and funny!! Great safe and calm ride! Will certainly take my little guy for a ride!! Will enjoy it again for sure!!"

Sabrina Staples

Sabrina Staples

"Hitched a ride with woorides at the free Eric parlay concert tonight. We enjoyed the lift and the price was very reasonable!!"

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